New YorkCountdown

Waiting for 8 hours, countdown was only 1 minute

We were waiting for 8 hours at Times Square in New York.
Air ticket to New York and hotels in New York were incredibly expensive at around this time of the year.
It costs a lot of money, time, and patience for only one minute countdown in New York.
“Does it worth?”

“Yes, it does.”
“It sure does.”

This information about New York Countdown is based on our experience.
We hope many people have a happiest time in New York,

3 Tips for New York Countdown

  • 1. You should go to Times Square before 3pm.
  • 2. You should wait for more than 8 hours.
  • 3. You can’t go to bathroom, so get ready for it.

Countdown at Times Square in New York

One New Year’s Eve, people from all over the world get together at Times Square in New York. Because people who can enter in Times Square are limited, the queue is going to the Central Park along 7th Ave.

To join Countdown at Times Square.

Key point 1: You should go there early.

4pm is too late. You can’t enter Times Square. 3pm is better.

Key point 2: You should enter Times Square cleverly.

You can’t move easily after many people get together.
It is better to avoid the crowd and move into the flow cleverly.
Refer the rough map below.

Key point 3: Chair or plastic sheet is useless.

After you get into the barricade, you can only stand up. There is no space to sit down. (You can just squat down at the same space.) If you are going to stay from the morning, you can use plastic sheet. Actually there were some people sitting there earlier.

Layout at the time of countdown

Surrounded by iron fence (barricade) we waited for 8 hours for countdown.
This is the layout at the time of countdown.
At about 4 pm there were barricade around Times Square.

The timessquare at countdown time

It is important how to enter Times Square!

We tried to go into Times Square through Broadway from the side of 42nd St. at around 3 pm, but we couldn't go farther around Starbacks Coffee Shop.
So we had to detour, and enter from 45th St.

How to enter to Timessquar

Clothes and things to wait for 8 hours at Times Square


There were so many people that it was not so cold than expected.
Knit cap, thick tights, and Gloves are most needed.

②Thick socks
③Thick tights
④Long sleeves T-shirts
⑤Fleeth jacket
⑥Down jacket
⑧Woolen scarf
⑨Knit cap


You don't have to have many things to wait for long time.
Don't forget pocket heat pad.

①4 pocket heat pad /1 person (two on the hands, two in the shoes.)
②Water (we didn’t drink that much.)
③Peanuts (we ate big lunch so actually we didn’t need any food.)

Guidebook should be light and easy to take with you!
So “Aruku New York”(only in Japanese) was useful. It is light, and you can put it into the pocket of jeans. Especially “feature article about food stand” was good for us to choose reasonable foods in New York.
Aruku-New York

About bathroom

We didn’t go to bathroom for more than 9 hours, because we didn’t feel like going to.
So it was no problem, though we tried our best for that.

  • Measures1: Try to warm ourselves (especially bladder, put heat pad at underbelly.)
  • Measures2: From the morning, try not to have too much water. (We didn’t have more coffee for breakfast.)

How cold is it in Christmas Season in New York?

I felt different between cold in New York and that in Tokyo.
While it is raw in Tokyo, it is sharp in New York.

But it depends on the day. On December 31st 2008, it was not so cold. Two days later, it was freezing cold, we can’t stand it.
Depend on the temperature and weather on that day, difficulty to wait for long time varies.

In the U.S unit of temperature is Fahrenheit.
To see weather forecast it is very useful to understand it.

℃ =(F - 32)÷ 1.8

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