Airticket and Hostel

”I don't want to go to New York !" The husband said fretfully.

The effort toward only one minute countdown is not only 8 hours that we spent at Times Square.
We had a difficult time finding plane ticket and accommodation.? We couldn't reserve a place to stay.
Prices of plane tickets are getting higher at Christmas season, so it was more difficult to find bargain plane ticket.

We checked by internet, call one travel agency after another.
"All seats are fully booked." They replied.

Next we changed the plan one day earlier or later, and call one travel agency after another again.?
But still "All seats are fully booked".

Then we kept trying to call agencies changing the plan one by one.

About accommodation, we tried to reserve one hotel after another by internet.
Finally we found a good place and sent email to reserve it,
but we just got a reply "No vacancy".

At last "I don't want to go to New York!" I shouted.

The plane ticket we've got

In October we decided to go to New York.
Using internet, we asked some travel agencies about bargain plane ticket.
Every time they replied "All seats are fully booked,” we regretted. We should have asked earlier.
But we changed the plan little bit earlier and later to avoid peak season, we could luckily get reasonable ticket.

Date Departing Airport Departure Time Arriving Airport Arrival time
26 Dec Tokyo (NRT) 15:10 Chicago (ORD) 11:36
26 Dec Chicago (ORD) 13:05 New York (LGA) 16:24
07 Jan New York (LGA) 10:00 Chicago (ORD) 11:30
07 Jan Chicago (ORD) 12:52 Tokyo (NRT) 17:05 (08 Jan)
  Price (per person)
Round-trip air fare ¥89,500
Fuel, Surcharge ¥27,600
Taxes ¥10,640
Total ¥127,740

The travel agency that we've got plane ticket

Pec tour:
Courteous, quick response was good.

Even in this peak season of Christmas, price is reasonable.
One reason is that we avoided peak season and got a longer vacation than other people.

Bitter memory about accommodation

The hotel we stayed in New York on New Year’s Eve costed 287$ a night.
But the room was like a cheap hotel―small room, without bathroom.
How much is it in normal price?

I'm just curious and check the price by internet.
Surprisingly it is 59$, we paid about 5 times!!

Just for 2 nights we paid 574 $, and it was too expensive.

New York・countdownの宿・外観

Hotel we stayed

New York・countdownの宿・内観


Tips for finding good place to stay

Reserve early

If you search for hotels earlier, you can find better place paying 287$ per night.
And it is easier to find cheaper hotel.

Usually because of the lack of accommodation in New York if you are late to search for that, it is difficult to reserve a hotel.

No need to stay in Manhattan

We were afraid that we might not enter Manhattan on New Year's Eve because traffic would be limited on that day.
And after countdown even if the last train has gone, we could walk back to the hotel, so we stayed in Manhattan.
But the truth is that you don't have to stay in Manhattan.

Limited traffic is just around Times Square, and you don't have to worry about the last train because subway runs 24 hours a day.

Only tourists are excited about countdown in New York, New Yorker work as usual.

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