New YorkCountdown・Report

Lenny Kravitz coming up! Exciting New York Times Square!

8 hours waiting for New York countdown was not just boring 8 hours.

Top artist held live performance at the stage. The most exciting stage was Lenny Kravitz.

We enjoyed their live performance and then, here comes the time at 11:59.
The last 1 minute began that costed a lot of money, time and efforts.


New YorkCountdown report

We had lunch at all-you-can-eat restaurant “TODAI”.
*TODAI is located near empire state building. All-you-can-eat costs 17$.

We tried to enter Times Square, but we couldn’t because of crowd.
This picture is the crowd at 43rd St. around Starbacks Coffee Shop.

New York・Timws Square on New year's eve
3:15pm Arrived at Times Square! Times Square at 3pm on New Year's eve
~3:50pm Waiting at around live stage in Times Square.
After that there was security check by police officer and then, we had to enter the area surrounded by barricade.
Waiting at New York・Timessquare
4:30pm It’s getting dark. Sunset time at New York・Timessquare
5:40pm We’ve got red hat.
(Hats were thrown toward the crowd, if you can catch it, it’s yours.)
The origenal hat given by official at New York・countdown
7:00pm~ Live music started.
It lasted just before countdown.
Live at New York・Timessquare
  It was the most exhausted time for me at this time.  
9:00pm Balloons were thrown.
There were full of balloons.
So many balloons at New York・Timessquare
9:30pm Live music by Lenny Kravitz.
Singing “I’ll be waiting”, main theme of the Japanese movie “L-change the world”.
11:00pm It became exciting more and more.
Some people started singing, dancing, and so on…
Live music lasted just before countdown.
  It was the most exhausted time for my wife at this time.  
11:55pm “Imagine” by John Lennon was played.  
11:59pm Countdown began. Picture on the left is 8 seconds before New Year. 8seconds before New York Countdown
0:00 Happy New Year!
New York・Times Square・Countdown

What a wonderful world!

Thousands of people raise their hands together and shouted the last minutes of countdown.
“Whew” so many sound mixed together,
“dong dong” the sound of fireworks echoed through buildings.
“Happy New Year!” so many kinds of the words from different countries were heard.
I lost myself taking pictures for a while, I looked up the sky.
I was surrounded by a lot of shiny confetti.

“…..what a wonderful world” the song by Louis Armstrong played at Times Square in New York moved me gently.

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